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Table overviewEdit

Level Picture Sort Name Stats How
5 Plain Wooden Sword Picture One-Handed Sword Plain Wooden Sword 14-14, 1sec Vendor
6 Plain Dagger Picture One-Handed Pierce Plain Dagger 12-12, 0.9sec, Dex+1 Vendor
12 Red Dagger Picture One-Handed Pierce Red Dagger 13-13, 0.8sec, Mana+5, Sta+1, Dex+3 Craft
12 Plain Broadsword Picture One-Handed Sword Plain Broadsword 20-20, 1sec, Str+2 Vendor
12 Burning Broadsword Picture One-Handed Sword Burning Broadsword
Burning Broadsword Enchantments
20-20, 1sec, HP+16, Str+3 Drop
18 Skullthumper Picture Two-Handed Blunt Skullthumper 16-16, 1.3sec, HP+10, Str+2 Vendor
21 Forest Blade Picture One-Handed Sword Forest Blade
Forest Blade Enchantments
21-21, 1sec, Str+3 , Sta+3 Drop
22 Natural Wooden Sword Picture One-Handed Sword Natural Wooden Sword 18-18, 1sec, HP+20, Str+3 Craft
26 Rough Katana Picture One-Handed Pierce Rough Katana 22-22, 1sec, HP+12, Str+2, Sta+4, AirRes+2 Craft
32 Deluxe Broadsword Picture One-Handed Sword Deluxe Broadsword 26-26, 1.2sec, HP+15, Str+3, Sta+1 Craft
37 Darkened Wooden Sword Picture One-Handed Sword Darkened Wooden Sword 27-27, 1sec, HP+35, Str+5, FireRes+5 Craft
38 Cave Hatchet Picture One-Handed Blunt Cave Hatchet
Cave Hatchet Enchantments
30-30, 1sec, Str+5, Sta+2 Drop
45 N/AMedia:Spiral Blade.png One-Handed Sword Spiral Blade 39-39, 1sec, HP+300, Dex+1, Str+3 N/A
50 Contraband Ham Picture One-Handed Blunt Contraband Ham 40-40, 1sec, Mana+900, Sta+7 Vendor
50 Darkened Blade Picture One-Handed Sword Darkened Blade
Darkened Blade Enchantments
43-43, 1sec, 40 AR, HP+10, Str+5, Sta+5, SpiRes+5 Drop
50 Barbarian's Forgotten Slasher Picture Two-Handed Sword Barbarian's Forgotten Slasher 60-60, 1.2sec, HP+3750, Def+5%, AC+80 Vendor